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Here is some recommendations and requirements regarding your Cosmetic injectables treatment!


- Avoid any blood thinning medications such as Aspirin, ibuprofen in the days leading to your appointment, BUT take all prescription medication as directed

- Avoid alcohol 24 hours prior to treatment 

- Make sure you eat and drink prior to your appointment

- If you suffer from Herpes Simplex (Cold Sores) consider over the counter preventative treatment prior to lip/lower face injections to prevent an outbreak


- Try not to touch the area with hands, apply make up or work out/excessive sweating for the remainder of the day

- No eyebrows, facials, or face down massages for 2 weeks following treatment

- You may shower as usual, only wash with a gentle cleanser


See our Frequently Asked Questions page for more questions regarding Injectables treatment,.


Laser Hair Removal

Here are your pre laser hair removal treatment instructions.


- Shave the area the night before your appointment

- No fake tan or sun exposure should be present at your appointment 

- Avoid injectables, chemical peels, and retinoids for 2 weeks prior to treating the same area 

- Area must be free of make up, deodorant  oils and lotions prior to your arrival


- Apply post laser gel immediately after treatment and for 1-2 days if necessary 

- Avoid tight clothing, heating devices, and lycra based clothing, skin needs to naturally cool

- Avoid sun exposure after your treatment, and use SPF 30+ daily


See our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information and questions regarding your Laser treatments 


Laser Tattoo 


Each tattoo is different and needs thorough assessment and planning to identify the best removal outcomes. The Laser is attracted to dark pigment, which will achieve the best results. Removal works by breaking down the ink and allowing the body to metabolise the product over the coming weeks. 4-6 sessions are recommended, and a treatment plan can be tailored to best fit your desired outcomes

Our Staff

Cosmetic Injector: Ebonny Bill

Manager/ Laser therapist: Candice Ryall

Brow Specialist: Erin Benton

Lashes/waxing: Estelle Liacos

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